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The Biomes FIELD Kit is a fun way of educating your students about plant biomes. This kit includes five biome research kits for your students to explore specific biomes

  • Tundra
  • Taiga
  • Temperate deciduous forest
  • Grasslands
  • Desert

As well the kit includes biome posters and books. Students will be intrigued every step of the way through the interactive, inquiry-based learning, and hands-on experience. 

Cost to rent:

The rental cost for one week is $250
The rental cost for two weeks (two consecutive weeks) is $400 
The rental cost for two weeks (three consecutive weeks) is $500 

Refundable deposit $200
Shipping $100+ (depending on where you are located)
Pick up and drop off option

*Price is subject to change

How do you order a FIELD Kit?

A. First, you would check out all the Kits online at and discover which kit would be best suited for your school. 
B. Then email me at or via the website with your name, school, desired kit and preferred amount of weeks and preferred rental dates. 
C. Once these details are confirmed I will send a contract. Please read, sign and return via email.
D. I will then send an invoice via email through the process of "Square."
E. Your kit will be shipped to you and before it arrives you will receive an email with further instructions on how to open the kit and how to prepare for its departure.