Frequently Asked Questions

How long are FIELD Kits rented out for? 

FIELD Kits are rented out for one, two, or three weeks at a time, Monday to Friday. 

How much are FIELD Kits?

FIELD Kits have a range of prices. Please select the FIELD Kit you desire and it will show you its price. This price can be shared by all teachers in your school during your selected week(s), therefore reducing the price of the kit.  

Are their other costs involved? 

Yes, there is a shipping fee and a refundable deposit. The shipping fee is for shipping both directions. The refundable deposit will be returned after the contents are returned safely and as directed to prevent any breakage. If no damage is found or objects stolen, the refundable deposit will be returned. 

Do these kits align with school curriculum? 

FIELD Kits do align with school curriculum. Please select the FIELD Kit you desire and in the information section it will explain what curriculum it includes. 

What are the benefits to renting out a FIELD Kit?

Benefits are outlined on the 'Benefits' page under About Us drop down menu.