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Our Mission

FIELD Kits aspire to connect children to nature and develop an understanding of its importance with the hope of inspiring environmental conservation and a recognition to preserve our environment.

What are FIELD Kits?

What the kids are saying about FIELD Kits

Woah, this is so cool! 


Woah! The bat skull is so TINY!


Hear what the adults have to say

My students enjoyed a fun and informative week of Science, Science, Science using the FIELD Kits. The lesson plans are nicely laid out and easy to follow. The introductory activities help to set the stage for the kits. The stations had a nice blend of hands on (felt, cards, pictures, artifacts) and information. The student questions helped to guide the students to look for information. Small groups of 3 worked well. They worked as a team. It was nice to see that the kits included a First Nations perspective with stories/legends. 

Kathleen Shulhan, Camilla School, Life Cycles Kit

We were able to use the Adaptations kit for one afternoon. As soon as the natural animal artifacts were displayed, my K/1 class was fully engaged! Kenzie has spared no expense to collect the most relevant hands-on resources to complement this kit. The thinking and observations the students shared while looking at and touching the artifacts was so much more insightful, focused and enthusiastic - and then they wanted to see what other goodies were in the kit!

Katherine Drew, Chantrell Creek Elementary, Adaptations Kit

I set up seven stations with all the animal specimens for the students to explore.  We have been learning about animal adaptations, so they were very familiar with looking at the specific features that help animals to protect themselves, find food and move around.  The students were very engaged with all the materials and eagerly explored at every station. I found that the students preferred the hands-on specimens, and a half-day wasn’t long enough for us to explore all the various cards/ questions that went with each animal.

Michelle, Chantrell Creek Elementary, Grade 2, Adaptations

The Field Kit was very engaging and exciting for my students. Especially with Covid restrictions keeping us from real world experiences, it was nice to bring the world into our classroom. Kenzie was very helpful and involved in the process. Thank you! 

Tessa Tuff, Ralston School, Grade 3, Life Cycles

The students showed so much excitement the moment the field kit was opened. The hands-on approach really allowed them to explore each animal and come up with questions on their own. Everyone was engaged the whole time and so many different lessons could be built off of the items in this field kit.

Lauren, Chantrell Creek School, Adaptations

Our class loved the field kits! Students were engaged and all of the artifacts sparked a lot of curiosity and questions! Thanks!

Chelsey Harding, Chantrell Creek Elementary, Adaptations Kit

I love these kits! So versatile and awesome! It has started so many conversations and they had so many great questions and most were answered in the kit! We learned about roses and bees and then we went outside to examine our roses and rescued a bee from the dog bowl. Which was great because we could look at him closely while he recovered. We compared what we just learned against the real thing! It was so cool and the best part... I looked so smart!!! 


FIELD Kits Coming Soon

All about plants! - IT'S HERE!!!

Discover the world of plants, from how they grow, their parts and functions, to where they live and more. 

Waste in our World

Experience the different ways our waste is taken care of... is it enough? How can you make a difference? Focusing on a greener tomorrow! 


Help your students understand the impact the fur trade made? Or bring wild animal furs into your classroom to understand how animals camouflage and stay warm.

Woodland Wonders - Almost here!

Discover the dynamic of trees and the surrounding plants in their characteristics, uses of trees, forest threats, tree growth, and looking deeper into how trees and plants breathe, connect, and adapt. 

Custom FIELD Kit

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Contact fieldkits@gmail.com to discuss the creation of a custom FIELD Kit. 

A little about me...

  • In every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks.

  • John Muir
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  • "We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it"

  • ~ George Eliot
  • Life cycles

In every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir


"We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it"

~ George Eliot

Life cycles