Who am I?

Hi, thank you for checking out FIELD Kits. My name is Kenzie Field. I am the Founder and Operator of FIELD Kits. I am very passionate about the environment and enlightening our youth on environmental issues, concepts, and critical thinking skills.

My passion for the environment extends back to my early childhood. I remember always being outside, wind in my hair and wonder in my eyes. Still, to this day, I hold a special place dear to my heart, Deception Pass in Washington, United States. Here is where I camped every year with my family. The campsite was within 3,854 acres of thick forest, surrounded by 77,000 feet of coastal shoreline, and three lakes. How can you not fall in love with nature? 

I remember venturing onto coastal rocks, with my brother and friends, to find the tide at the perfect moment hitting the coastal rocks and creating a blowhole effect. The wave would be forced through the hole, spraying us as we screamed with excitement. It was my time spent discovering the little aspects of nature; while picking up stones, watching how the small crabs would move and scuttle to find shelter, or how slugs don't like salt (not a proud moment but I learned a valuable lesson, salt kills slugs). 

However, nothing beats the memory of climbing this beautiful 840-year-old Douglas fir tree, with my best friend. Each step or pull up of its branches, I became overwhelmed with falling but filled with excitement to gain more elevation to see the stretch of ocean. 

From moments of breathing in the ocean air, to listen to the frogs singing songs, or just the pure enjoyment of jumping in a puddle, my heart grows whole when surrounded by nature.  

When I decided to go back to school, I searched for the perfect university. It didn't take much convincing when I stumbled upon Royal Roads University, a campus built around Hatley CastleHatley Park National Historic Site, and the Pacific ocean. As well, the chance to attain a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. 

During this year, I was given the great honour of meeting an inspiration of mine, Jane Goodall. Meeting her was motivational, but that got me thinking. How could I be? 

I spent the next seven years working as an environmental educator, learning and educating young minds. I taught pre-school to grade 9's in science topics such as adaptations, wetlands, and ecosystems. I was also a part of developing and implementing curriculum-based programs.

While working as an environmental educator, during summer camps, I read my favourite book, "The Lorax," by Doctor Seuss. Without fail, I began to choke up while reading, "UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." It was at this moment that I realized how many children are not exposed to nature and then, unfortunately, don't particularly care about it. 

Now, I feel it is time to branch out and create a legacy of my own, focusing on connecting more minds to nature, but, more importantly, having children connect and care about the natural world around them.

My objective is to provide FIELD Kits as an alternate resource for teachers to lighten their extensive curriculum content and reduce their stress for volunteer help. As well, engage students with hands-on or biofact pieces that they can connect with personally and, therefore, understand further when exposed to these concepts, animals, and or plants outside their school environment.

I am very passionate about children having the opportunity to connect with nature, and this is my reason WHY I've created FIELD Kits. I believe if children are exposed to the incredible natural world, as I was, children's hearts will be more inclined to share their experiences and passion with other children. More importantly, they are willing to help protect it.
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  • My love for nature started when I was very young.
  • I love to camp, hike, boat, travel, learn, and get excited about the little things in nature. 
  • I attained a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Royal Roads University.
  • In the past seven years I have been an Environmental Educator creating, developing, customizing, implementing, and delivering curriculum-based school programs for kindergarten to grade nines. 
  • "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss makes me tear up.